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About Us

The Tucker Inn

The Tucker Inn is one of a handful of stately Second Empire Victorian Cottages found in Provincetown. Built in 1872 at the height of the whaling fortunes, it possesses the charm and intricacy of detail of that golden era. We keep the house gently restored, updating while retaining its heart in an earlier era.

We are a true bed and breakfast inn and our breakfasts go far beyond the ordinary: we consider the Tucker Inn to be a Gastro-Inn where we value our food as highly as we value our accommodations. Start your day with a chef crafted breakfast, engage (or not) with your fellow guests, and when fortified step out the front door into the center of town.

The house may be historic but our services aren’t: you can keep in touch through high speed internet, or chill out in our ample gardens. You are in the center of a thriving destination but in our peaceful gardens you will escape from it all.

We are on Center Street, right in the heart of Provincetown, literally steps away from all town attractions. Arrive by ferry and you are a five-minute walk from the inn. If you choose to drive, park your car and walk to the restaurants and nightlife.

We have an extended season: we open in April, once the cold has receded, and close after the New Year’s holiday.

Our mission is to give you a chance to relax and rejuvenate. We’re not into attitude here. We welcome people and their pets.  It’s as simple as that.


Our Family


Ours is a mixed family of humans and canines.  There’s me, Howard, and there’s Thomas, my romantic partner, and fellow innkeeper.  Then there are the first class citizens in this household: Chloe, Cooper and Crosby.  But we couldn’t talk about our family without mentioning the first citizen of the Tucker Inn, Colby.  Colby started as the canine guest services director when we opened the Tucker Inn. Sadly, great inns outlast dogs.  It is easy to romanticize a lost pet so let’s just say that Colby was the spirit of the Tucker Inn.  His canine brothers and sister do their best to keep his spirit alive at the inn.

Thomas and I met on New Year’s Eve (a number of them ago) and he’s the driving force behind the Tucker Inn. Those of you who’ve enjoyed or will enjoy our Saturday socials have Thomas to thank for them. He’s got a great sense of what will make people happy and he makes it happen.  Originally from upstate New York, Thomas worked in human relations in Boston, before joining the world of hospitality in Provincetown.

Me, I’m a New Yorker who spent many years living in NYC, aboard a houseboat at 79th Street and the Hudson River, and founding and operating a consulting business before I decided I needed to get even closer to the water and came up to Provincetown. In addition to the Tucker Inn, I’m a partner at Housing Innovations, a national consulting firm specializing in preventing and ending homelessness.

We value the time that you can spend on vacation and do our best to make it memorable. Please join us at the Tucker Inn where we all do our very best to practice the art of innkeeping.

~ Howard and Thomas

Tucker Inn Clean

Meet Michelle, it’s because of her that every inch of the Tucker Inn is immaculate.  Any of you who have already visited know her well, she’s been spreading warmth at the Tucker Inn for over 13 years now.  Habitually cheerful, Michelle can always stop me in my tracks with Jamaican truths. “A dog of my age,” she’ll inform me, “is no pup.” 


You can’t make a great inn; you can only re-make it day after day and that’s what Michelle does.  She’s the funky Mother Superior of the Tucker Inn and we love her.

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