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There is nothing more important at the start of the day than coffee. The Tucker Inn blend, created and small batch roasted for us by the wonderful folks at Indigo Coffee, combines Ethiopian with Guatemalan beans and a touch of Viennese Roast.


We believe that it’s a good idea to start the day absolutely free of sin. So, our beans are USDA certified organic, shade grown by farmer cooperatives, and fair trade certified. They’re also certified kosher. I’ve heard that the workers, while harvesting our beans, chant for nuclear disarmament, an end to genocide, and equal rights for all. Drink lots, free of all guilt.



Breakfast in regular life is the lost meal, lost to the chaos of the everyday morning. Mornings are not every day at The Tucker Inn. We give you the chance to rediscover the joy of breakfast: fine cuisine, lovely beverages and scintillating company. We encourage you to enjoy a long leisurely breakfast, getting to know your fellow guests in our garden dining pavilion or on your own in one of our many garden seating areas.

We start with oven-assisted aroma therapy. Every morning you’ll awaken to the intoxicating smell of something extraordinary emerging from the oven. For our principal breakfast offering you’ll find omelets, quesadillas, French toast, all manner of baked egg creations, both vegetarian and not, and lots of fresh fruit. We take pride in serving altogether as fine a breakfast as presented in any guesthouse or restaurant in Provincetown.

In addition to the warm entrée, we also provide a selection of yoghurts, granola, whole grain cereal flakes, breakfast breads, and our daily baked gourmet treat – actually just the first of two since every afternoon we put out freshly baked cookies, brownies, hermits … all manner of delights.

We think that good food is integral to well-being and harmony.

24 Hour Coffee and Snacks Bar. We offer a range of coffees and teas all day long. From the afternoon to the evening, we serve freshly baked cookies and treats. Soft drinks are available at no charge.


Saturday Social

If you’re staying with us on a Saturday, you won’t want to miss the 5 o’clock party. Bring your favorite cocktail and enjoy great music courtesy of Thomas.


The kitchen of the Tucker Inn turns out amazing savory and sweet delicacies and our guests get to chill and connect in our serene garden.

Saturday Social
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